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iBeaLee Skin Tag Remover Pen Painless Mole Skin Dark Spot Warts Removal Serum Freckle Face Flat Wart Tag Treatment Essential Oil

iBeaLee Brand:

Are you still worried about skin tags warts? Do you want to treatment skin tags warts? Why don’t you try iBeaLee 7DAYS skin tag remover pen essence ? iBeaLee is a professional Beauty Care brand, trusted and supported by 383,000 fans! Keep using for 1-3 months, you’ll be surprised that skin tag has been removed cleanly!(*^▽^*)

How to use:

:Wash and dry the areawith skin tags

:Apply the serum to the surrounding skin serum will prtect the healthy skin

:Apply it 2 times Dally Enjoy your clean skin

Note:There is a slight pain when applying, this is a normal , please do not worry,this means the wart will be removed successfully soon, just wait 2-3 days will fall off.

Q&A:According to some buyers feedback to us, the platform appears the same low-cost products seems like our products?

1.We would like to clarify here that the platform for the recent emergence of low-cost products are not our products.

2.Dear customers please recognize: our products have anti-counterfeiting logo QR code, iBeaLee brand is our only logo.


Rapidly removes moles & skin tags
Maximum strength natural formula
Painless & Heals fast; leaves no/pink scars
Non-greasy liquid, dries quickly, easy to apply


1. Please keep it clean during use and do not apply it to normal skin. If it is coated with water, it can be washed.
2, topical, applied to the surface, prohibited oral.
3, if the surface has a layer of hard skin, you can first remove the hard skin, do not repair too thin, do not repair bleeding is conducive to penetration.
4. When it is used to blacken and has a slight pain, stop using it. After it is crusted, it will fall off naturally. It usually takes three to five days.
5. Keep this product out of the reach of children.
6. This product is an emulsion. If it is stored for a long time, it will appear to be shaken before use.
7. If the black scorpion has not been retired for a while after the sputum, remove the black scorpion, and then continue to press
Ming medication until the black cockroach is withdrawn

TOP:better removal of skin tags warts, we recommend purchasing 3pcs (99.9% removed successfully 1-3months)


According to the survey of 10,000 customers, this product should insists on using 30 days, here’s 80% skin tags remover. within 10 days of using period. 50% of the people moles / warts fall off the skin surface leaving a pink / unnoticeable scars. Any kind of mole or wart, big, small, old, stubborn, on face & body can be easily treated with this product.

Please insist on use for 1-2 month, will have more effect, Suggest you can buy 4 bottles together.


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